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to help our quest in raising Saints for Heaven!

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Catholic and Catholic-Friendly Homeschool Curriculum, Online Classes, Support Groups, Testing, Colleges & Summer Programs, Scholarships, Parental Support, Advocacy Groups, and more!


My professional experience as a veteran Catholic home educator, director of Regina Caeli Academy, work in the Catholic higher education field, and as a former arts executive, uniquely position me to counsel and advise at all levels as parent, counselor, and administrator.



Catholic and Catholic-Friendly home educators and members of independent Catholic and Classical schools. New parents just starting out and veteran educators, all find a place here.

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I am entering my tenth year as the sole director and administrator of Regina Caeli Academy, a private school satellite program for Catholic home educators, and am completing my twentieth and final year as a homeschooling family.

As an arts executive, I created many educational programs in the realms of aviation and the arts, and performed professionally as a musician who married a fellow performer and arts executive. Therefore, I well-understand the challenges to parents who incorporate the arts, sports, and other passions into their unique courses of study and life readiness plans for their children. Add into this our focus on incorporating our Faith in all we do...we easily find ourselves well outside the "norm," doing things our way and pushing boundaries wherever we need to when it comes to preparing our children for life through school life discernment, un-standardized testing, college and scholarship applications, job applications, etc.

I have been blessed to share my experiences with the families I serve and pray I may work to give you the confidence, courage, and creativity to help your children in their quest for life after high school and beyond, and most hopefully into Heaven as saints.


​My Experience and Qualifications:


  • 20-year Veteran Catholic Home Educator

  • 10-year Veteran Director of Regina Caeli Academy

  • Speaker on legislative matters related to parental, religious, and educational rights

  • Professional musician

  • Former Academic Advisor, Kolbe Academy

  • Former Director of Admissions, Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts

  • Former Home & Private School Liaison and Proctor Coordinator, Classic Learning Test

  • Former Non-profit museum and arts executive

Laura Loroña-Kays




“RCA develops strong and personal relationships with the homeschooling families it serves, and provides all the support, prayers and assistance a family could need.”

“RCA is a homeschooling academy with a strong, traditional, Catholic identity and traditional guiding principles.”


“...the Director provides a wellspring of educational resources, new and traditional curriculum for students and special needs students, recommendations for college credit courses for high schoolers, and a plethora of seminar, camps and other faith filled resources for students and parent-teachers as well.”


"The program allows and encourages me to carefully put together curricula according to each of my children's needs and abilities."


"Encouragement when needed and freedom with curriculum choice."


"RCA gives a sense of autonomy but clear guidance as needed.

We wanted to use a mix of curriculum to fit our kids’ learning."

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